Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Syndrome

Why is it we always want the men that don't want us?
Its like a disease and no matter how many remedies we try the ailment lingers, and when we think its gone.. We're wrong.. Its only lying doormate in the pit of your stomach, waiting for the right moment to once again tear your heart into pieces, then throw it into a blender and press puree.
But how can we prevent from catching the virus? Or is it something we're born with, like spina bifida but worse because there's no treatment.
I have decided to dedicate a portion of my life and time to finding the answer as so I might cure all women everywhere from what I like to call "treat me like shit and I'll do anything you want" syndrome. 
I will explore the causes, the symptoms and more over the possible options for curing the one thing that seems to plague every woman's life from birth till death, from daddy to husband... The idea that love hurts, cause in my opinion... It shouldn't .


  1. Relax. That long-term relationship crap comes to you when you're 30 and the men you want are just as desperate as everyone else to settle down and beat the biological clock.

    In the meantime, date people you think are hot but don't give a shit about and have a good time getting free dinners and other various things.

  2. Lexi are you sure you are not writing about my life. hahaha. So right about it all. lol