Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fairy Taleitis

Alright kiddies lets start at the source... Women are by nature emotional creatures; Men are by nature Assholes. Yet when you combine these two very different natures of the same species you get mass quantities of miscommunication, drama, emotional turmoil and tears. This is an obvious fact known by all, but the question remains... Why?

Want my opinion? (Doesn't matter you're getting it anyway)

Since the dawn of time women have been pre-disposed to think men should treat them badly. They equate emotional pain with love and drama for passion.

And while I believe that most men don't really put forth enough thought, effort, consideration or time into their relationships necessary to make them happy and productive, I believe the women are more at fault for this constant merry-go-round of stress, anxiety and the syndrome of being love sick.

Take a moment and think about your past relationships; the ones that really devastated you, the ones that caused you pain you never knew existed, the ones you thought were the loves of your life...

Did you find out what I did? That is was nothing more than a fairy tale?

After careful observation I realized that I simply took the reality of what we had in the relationship and mentally turned into the fairy tale I wanted!

I didn't see the real man I was dating. No, I did not see him for who and what he truly was, but rather I fashioned him to be the man I needed him to be. I took everything he really was and altered my view of him to fit the tailor made persona I wanted... My prince! Ha!

When he didn't (couldn't) live up to my expectations, I was angry and most of all disappointed.

The key to this discovery of mine is that we as humans, not just women but all humans: Want what we want plain and simple! We have the ability to reconstruct reality to fit the picture we see in our heads, the problem is that reality always sets back in and once again we have to accept that we are living a lie.


  1. As what I'd describe as one of the few true Gentleman. Eg i stand up when a lady enters the room. i offer my seat on a crowded train, I open doors.
    In my experience if I treat my lady like a princess then she treats me like a dog, and Sh**s on me from a great height.
    I have still to meet a woman who can be faithfull.
    It really bugs me that the nice men are often the ones without a decent partner and the arseholes get the nice girls.

    Is there a solution, who knows? Maybe you'll find it.
    Julian K march 2010

  2. So is there a fix? Or does happiness only last as long as our faith in the lie?

    Or is the reason we need to tell ourselves lies tightly related to the reason we got into the wrong relationship to begin with?

    Are all guys assholes, or are they just the ones that seem interesting enough to notice, the ones with the smoothest talk.

    I've been single most of my life. Now I might not be the stereotype guy you describe, but when I look back at my past relationships, they either seem like opposite world in relation to your description(switching male and female parties) or they were impossible because of geographical circumstances to begin with.

    I'm not a saint, I've made mistakes and hurt people. But the time that happened still hurts me too. And I've learned from those mistakes. And when I am in a relationship, I try my best to treat her right. And I care, probably too much.

    When you do find the cause of this or even a possible fix, would you mind looking into a nice guy's place in this world?

    Or maybe you should ask yourself why this response makes me sound so uninteresting... :)
    The answer to that might be the reason this entire syndrome exists.

    Either way, good luck on your quest for answers.

  3. I expect the worst from women. The ones I know were shallow, heartless, and avaricious. And I'm from the country, where these girls expect someone with a Chevy sitting on 22's to take them to the city so they can become stars. I'm a reject, becasue I'm not successful enough. I keep thinking that girls aren't as in love with a handsome man as they are with a man's level of success, especially monetary.